Lobster Bacon Mac 
and Cheese

Fresh Lobster, crisped bacon, homemade mac with creamy bechamel sauce base.

Lobster Grilled 
Cheese Melt

Fresh lobster, cajun spices, spicy mayo, avocado, 3 cheese blend, not spicy but definitely bold and delicious.

Filet Mignon
Protein Bowl

Tender Filet Mignon steak cooked medium, black beans, avocado, pico de gallo, grilled onions, bell peppers.


Welcome to Street Kitchen LA,

an ultimate place for the highest quality and amazing testing food.

Chef Jacko Ourfalian

Established in 2010 by executive chef Jacko Ourfalian, Street Kitchen LA very fast became the buzzword among the food lovers of LA. The best quality ingredients and our guest’s satisfaction was always our highest priority.

From the streets of LA, Musical festival in Coachella, LA County Fairs, the race track in Long Beach, special company’s events, outdoor cinemas and private parties, we’ve served them all with the pleasure and the big success. Our menu is tribute to comfort food done right.

We invite you to try and enjoy all our menu items and join thousands of our loyal customers.

A mix of traditional and modern cuisine

While we stay true to the traditional recipes, we also aspires to constantly add fusion-style.





Special Events »
Birthdays, Weddings, etc

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Office Parties, Luncheons, etc

Social Events »
Charity Fundraisers, Red Carpet, etc

Catering Menu »
Our goal is to offer the best selection and high quality catered foods, from Mediterranean kabobs to Southern BBQ to comfort Mexican dishes. Customize your menu!
Truck Menu »
Gourmet sauces and delectable finger foods with high quality ingredients and irresistible flavor combos are the cornerstone of our standard food truck menu.

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